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Xinghua Zhengfu Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd

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Sheet Vinyl Flooring
Typical European oak simple atmosphere.Brand Name: FuFlooring Model Number: FU6001-5Material: PVCAdvantages: Water-proof, anti-slip
0.3mm Wear Layer Solid Wood Flooring
The wood grain is firm and obvious, and the light effect is excellent.Brand Name: FuFlooring Model Number: FU6001-4Material: PVCAdvantages: Water-proof, anti-slip
0.3mm Wear Layer SPC Flooring
The antique effect is rich in color and the contrast is obvious.Brand Name: FuFlooring Model Number: FU6001-1Material: PVCAdvantages: water-proof, anti-slip
Plastic Composite Flooring
100% waterproof & environmental protected.Brand Name: FuFlooring Model Number: FU6001-3Material: PVCAdvantages: Water-proof, anti-slip
0.3mm Wear Layer Hardwood Flooring
The wood grain is clear and clear and the color contrast is obvious.Brand Name: FuFlooring Model Number: FU6001-2Material: SPCAdvantages: water-proof, anti-slip
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